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Lock Seam Square Tube
Lock Seam Round Tube
Open Seam Tube
Open Seam Tube
Butt Seam Tube
C Channels
U and J Channels
Hat Channels
Roll Formed Angles

Samson can create custom roll formed shapes to your exact specifications

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Samson has an extensive assortment of stock roll formed shapes and a vast catalog of custom shapes.
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Samson employs the latest technology and methods to monitor the quality of its products. Here are some design tips for you to consider.

A rich and productive history Samson Roll Formed Products Company is one of the oldest and largest contract roll forming companies in the United States.

Samson is located in the Chicago metropolitan area just east of O’Hare Airport in a large industrial building that houses about 40 roll forming lines and an array of ancillary equipment. Stamping, bending, parting, and assembly are some of the other services in Samson’s arsenal of value-added options.

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