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Seam tubes can be produced from metal of any kind. These tubes are manufactured by feeding a metal strip through a forming head. The two ends of the metal  strip or sheet are maneuvered into the final tube form when the strip passes through the head. The tube may later be surrounded by stainless steel, copper or other metals to add to its inherent strength  while giving it a better finish. Seam tubes come in a variety of shapes such as round, hexagonal and square and lend themselves to a range of inline fabrication options such as perforation, embossing, end fabricating and more.

Applications of seam tubes

Seam tubes find application in many products and business starting from household requirements like towel bars, shower rods, drapery rails, screen rollers, toys, houseware handles, mops and brooms to outdoor uses like flagpoles, easel legs, car top racks, rack framing, clothes dryer frames, bird feeders and snack tray legs.  They are used across industries such as aerospace, appliances, automotive, agriculture, construction, door frames, store fixtures, elevators, military, healthcare, HVAC, maritime, office applications, solar power industry, transportation, storage and racking and woven wire. Our seam tubes are manufactured in the U.S.A and we ship them anywhere in the world.

When is it a good idea to use a seam tube

Typically seam tubes are the perfect choice when the choice of metal may vary. Since this technique can be applied on virtually any metal, it is possible to produce uniform seam tubes from a range of base metals that may be used for different applications.

These tubes are ideal when there is a need to design the necessary tubing with prefinished varieties of metals (pre-painted, galvanized, pre-plated or others). Apart from this, these tubes are perfect for applications where there is a need for custom based fabrication at manufacturing stage. For example, holes can be cut at desired positions, non -standard lengths can be manufactured, slots and cut outs can be created in the tubes as well. These tubes also lend themselves perfectly to applications where custom shaping such as finned or flanged shaping is required.


Since seam tubes can be made from metal sheets of different thicknesses, applications that require non- standard thickness metal tubing opt for these. The option of layering over the base tube makes for a decorative finish which makes seam tubes a good choice for applications where aesthetics are a key factor to consider.   

Different types of seam tubes

Seam tubes come in different varieties such as lock seam, open seam and butt seam. The kind of locking designed to hold the two ends of the strip together determines the kind of tubing. For example, in the lock seam tube the ends of the metal strip are connected using a interlocking flexible string that is inserted into the lock seam and compressed to create a metal tube.
In the open seam variety, the ends are not locked together but left with a  gap no greater than 25% of the external diameter of the finished tube. This gap runs the length of the open seam tube. In the butt seam tube, the joints are locked with butt joints before the final finishing.

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