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Samson Roll Formed Products Company is one of the oldest and largest contract roll forming companies in the United States. Samson is located in the Chicago metropolitan area just east of O’Hare Airport in a large industrial building that houses about 40 roll forming lines and an array of ancillary equipment. Stamping, bending, parting, and assembly are some of the other services in Samson’s arsenal of value-added options. Block Steel Corporation purchased Samson in 1979 and moved our facilities to Skokie, IL in 1981. Samson built its reputation on its technical expertise, a reputation that continues to this day.

Samson employs a highly trained engineering staff to solve complex roll forming problems. They have designed, developed, and engineered tooling for more than 2,000 roll formed shapes ranging in complexity from simple angles and channels to more exotic profiles requiring multi-stage operations including pre- and post-notching, stamping, braking, bending, assembly and packaging. Samson employs the latest technology and methods to monitor the quality of its products. Employees are trained in the use of quality assurance methods including SPC, capability studies, problem solving, brainstorming, and Pareto Analysis, etc. Samson strives to continually improve quality and reduce costs using various lean manufacturing techniques.

Samson serves a variety of industries including appliance, automotive, construction, electronics, lawn and garden, office furniture, sports and recreation, etc. with a variety of products including shelf ladders for refrigerators and window packs for ovens; wire harness, division bars, and window frames for automobiles, studs, control and expansion joint for construction; lawn torches and patio furniture components; drawer slides, partition standards, etc. for office furniture; channels and angles for athletic flooring systems; cladding and vinyl window stiffeners for the door and window industry, etc.

Samson is also one of the largest manufacturers of “Lock Seam Tubing“, which is used in a variety of applications including residential flagpoles, badminton poles, maypoles, pop displays, shoe racks, etc. “Lock Seam Tubing“ is mechanically joined tubing as opposed to electric-welded or laser-welded tubing. “Lock Seam Tubing“ (also spelled lockseam tubing and also called seam lock tubing) is thin walled tubing that supplants welded tubing for wall thicknesses usually less than 0.030″.

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